Friday, June 3, 2011

Stenciling on chocolate ganache!

In an effort to make my life easier, I thought using chocolate ganache to decorate instead of rolling out a 3 foot wide piece of chocolate fondant to cover a 18" square x 6" high cake tier, would be better.

First, must do a test run, to make sure the gold luster dust will adhere to chocolate fondant. This is a test piece of chocolate ganache, spread out on wax paper and left in the fridge to harden slightly.

Spritz on a little Crisco cooking spray on the ganache and adhere the stencil to the ganache. Then spritz on a little more over the stencil. This will ensure a nice bond and prevent bleeding.

The finished result...

1 comment:

  1. So you can stencil effectively on chocolate ganache, is it not, Le Cakerie?

    Did u use lustre dust and alcohol? Also pls tell me if the cake held good...

    I am planning to make a wedding cake with ganache frosting, your inputs would be of great help..kindly revert when u have the time, thanks...